1.Guiding principles for hiring MTC’s club facility:

  1. Maylands Tennis Club is a community club within the City of Bayswater and is supportive of appropriate hiring of the club house.
  2. Hiring of the facility must not compete or interfere with use of the courts for Club purposes.
  3. As the lessee of the facility, it is the responsibility of the MTC to ensure that the facility is always kept in good condition and that no casual or other hiring either damages the facility or has the potential to damage the facility.
  4. As MTC is the licensee of the facility, it is also our responsibility to ensure that liquor licence requirements are adhered to.
  5. As MTC is a community-based organisation, run by volunteers, an administration fee for arranging the club hire will be charged.
  6.  As the lessee, MTC reserves the right to refuse to hire the facility when the above conditions are either not met or in doubt. The Club also reserves the right to modify the listed rate, charges and fees if circumstances require.


In drafting this policy, MTC has viewed relevant documents from City of Bayswater and other local government websites, including:


2.Rates and charges and fees:

  1. Bonds
    1. Key bond

MTC does not provide keys to the facility, so a key bond is not relevant.  However, if in exceptional circumstances a key was provided, a key bond of $200.00 could be charged.

  1. Facility bond

For parties and celebratory bookings including those involving alcohol, a facility bond of $300.00 will be charged.  This fee could be modified if circumstances require. The fee will be refunded upon inspection if the facility is left neat and tidy and in same condition as pre booking.

For other bookings a facility bond of between $0.00 and $200.00 will be charged at the discretion of the Club and depending upon the nature/purpose of the facility hire.

  1. Charges

2.1 Hire rates

MTC recognises the differential needs and finances of commercial and community groups. Consequently, and in line with Local Government charges, the following facility hire charges apply:

  • Day time commercial rate per hour (including set up time) $50.00ph
  • Peak rate (weekend and after 5.00pm weekdays) $75.00ph. 
  • The above charges include full use of the kitchen.


  1. Fees
    1. All bookings require a meeting between the MTC and person responsible for hiring the facility. At a minimum this requires two trips from MTC personnel to: 
  • open up the facility, explain lighting, equipment, kitchen etc.
  • close and lock up the facility.

Usually, an initial inspection visit is also required, taking the number of trips from MTC to 3. Consequently, MTC can charge an administration fee of up to $50.00 per hire.


  1. Contact with MTC

All contact between the potential hirer of the facility or the person responsible for hiring the facility and MTC will be with the contact listed on the Web for facility bookings or approved delegate.

Issued by Maylands Tennis Club, on 30 November 2021



Judy Hogben

Club President.